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Pilates Work Out

Solo Pilates

What is Solo Pilates?

Consolidated in the fitness, health and well-being market, the Solo Pilates Method is known to have become a pleasant gateway to a healthier life.

Our method is not a set of ready and generalized exercises. It consists of observing the student and realizing what his needs are and thus adapting the exercises to achieve the necessary result, always benefiting his client the most.


Thus, every instructor has the obligation to analyze the signals that the student's body is giving and from then on to plan and develop a set of exercises that provide the integration of mind, body and spirit. This integration is very important in Pilates, because only then is the individual able to have complete control of his own body.

Benefits of Solo Pilates

Improve Breathing and Flexibility

Increased Physical and Mental Endurance

Tones Muscle

Balance of all body functions

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