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About Us

Miracle Belt is a multinational company specialized in the Manufacture and Distribution of aesthetic and surgical modeling belts.

With state-of-the-art equipment and top quality material, we exceed the expectations of our customers. Factory based in Santos-SP near the port, facilitating the Worldwide Distribution.

You no longer need to look for high quality shaping belts outside Brazil, paying more and taking a long time to receive. When you buy on our website, the order is immediate and within the national territory, in just a few days the Miracle Belt modeling belt arrives at your door.

We always work with excellence in service, quality products and the best prices. We have a complete line of shaping belts.

Our entire line of modeling strap is manufactured in the most varied sizes and models according to the customer's need.

The use of our belts is indicated in all cases of plastic surgery, such as abdominoplasty, liposuction and postpartum, as they meet all medical needs and requirements.

Our products were created to enhance curves.
We were inspired by the sinuosity of the Brazilian woman.
For us, sensuality is a posture governed by self-confidence.

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